Natural Organic

Natural Organic Original Baby Wet Wipes -Travel Pack (30 sheets)

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[Premium Quality] Natural Organic Baby Wet Wipes Travel Pack

99.9% Natural, Fragrance-FREE & Pure water 
Non-irritation, non-toxicity, allergy-free
Safe for hand, mouth and utensils
Made in Korea

No. of sheets/pack   : 30 sheets
Sheet dimension      : 150 x 200 mm
Basis weight            : 48 g
Type                       : Original Plain
Country of origin      : Korea

It contains natural calendula extract for dry and sensitive baby skin to keep it moisturized and healthy.

Natural Organic is a safe, organic baby wipe with most certifications from Korea, UK, USA, Germany and Japan. Non-irritation, non-toxicity, allergy-free, unscented, natural with ultra pure water come in antibacterial packaging with easy one-hand system and made in Korea. Suitable for newborns, babies, toddlers, sensitive skins and safe for hand, mouth and utensils. 

Natural Organic is a safe baby wipe that has passed rigorous testing by authorized agencies in Korea and around the world for usage on sensitive baby skin.

*** 12 reasons why you should buy Natural Organic baby wet wipes ***

1) The highest rating in dermatological testing
    - Attained Dermatest's non-irritant certified mark.

2) Free of toxic material for your skin cells
    - Attained cell toxicity test authorized by the US FDA.

3) Infant friendly product
    - Certified by the Japanese MHLW for baby wipes suitable for infant.

4) Anti-bacterial S mark packaging
    - First antibacterial S mark baby wipe packaging in Korea.

5) One hand system for convenience (Not applicable for 30sheets travel pack)
    - Inter-folding tissues arrangement allowing the usage until very last sheet.

6) Free of harmful materials for inhaling
    - Verified by Korea Testing & Research Institute for the absence of harmful materials such as humidifier disinfectants.

7) Made from premium organic materials
    - Used organic materials certified by ECOCERT (France) and ACO (Australia).

8) Made with pure water
    - Uses 6-steps water treatment process, even cleaner than drinking water.

9) Allergy friendly product
    - Attained Allergy Friendly Product Certificate by UK

10) Made-to-order product
      - Products are marked with manufactured & expired dates.

11) Multi-purpose cleaning wipe
      - Made from ultra-pure water and can be used for facial cleaning.

12) Premium quality with special price
      - Last but not least, our objective is to constantly exceed our customers' expectations by providing a premium quality products with excellent service.

Your little ones' safety is our first priority.



Safe Baby Wipes Certified by Five Countries

"You can use them without any worries about irritation, toxicity and allergy."

Why Natural Organic Baby wipes?

♥ It is certified product that passed a strict clinical test for the first time in Korea and also an atopic and allergy hazardous substance standard test.

♥ It is a non-toxic baby wipes registered as medical supplies when its safety was certified by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA).

♥ It is a product certified as non-irritating baby wipes after passing a strict clinical skin test at a prestigious clinical test agency.

♥ Newborn babies can also use it because it was certified as baby wipes for infants and toddlers after passing a rigorous testing on safety.

♥ Don't have to worry about harmful bacteria and molds as it uses 99.9% antibacterial certified safe packages that attained antibacterial S mark for the first time in Korea.

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