Mom-Ae-Sok Facial Grooming Pet Wipes

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Our Mom-Ae-Sok facial pet wipes are designed to meet the hygiene needs of your furry friends. Whether your pet needs to clean up their mouth area after eating or keep their body and feet free from dirt after a walk, our neutral wet tissue is gentle and safe for daily use. Unlike wet wipes for humans, our pet wipes are formulated to match your pet's natural skin pH, preventing any irritation or discomfort. 

  • Dermatologically tested for pet facial skin
  • Passed skin irritation test for human skin
  • Purified water with 8 steps purification process
  • Made from 100% viscose rayon fabric
  • Natural and Biodegradable 
  • Cleansing, deodorization treatment for pets
  • Worry-free and Scent-free
  • Large sheet size of 200x150mm (+/-5mm)
  • Soft and plain texture with 45 gsm
  • 70 sheets per pack
  • Made in Korea

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to All Mom-ae-sok's pet wipes, crafted with green technology for a more sustainable option. Our wipes are made using natural fiber and environmentally friendly packaging paper, providing a gentle and safe solution for cleaning your pet. Choose our eco-friendly wipes for a clean and happy pet.