Mom-Ae-Sok Premium Pet Wipe

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Keep your beloved pet clean and fresh with Mom-ae-sok Pet Wet Wipes! Unlike regular wet wipes made for humans, our premium big sheets are specifically designed with your furry friend in mind. The neutral pH formula is gentle on your pet's skin and won't cause irritation like other wipes might. Dermatologist tested for safety and biodegradable, these wipes are perfect for cleansing, deodorizing, and treating your pet. Plus, with 10 sheets per pack, you'll have more than enough to keep your pet looking and feeling their best on the go. 

  • Big sheet size of 300x300mm (+/- 5mm) 
  • Premium thickness with embossed texture with 60 gsm
  • Portable and travel friendly with 10 sheets per pack
  • Made in Korea.

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to All Mom-Ae-Sok's pet wipes, crafted with green technology for a more sustainable option. Our wipes are made using natural fiber and environmentally friendly packaging paper, providing a gentle and safe solution for cleaning your pet. Choose our eco-friendly wipes for a clean and happy pet.