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BLUNA 3D FaceFit mask [KF94] - Adults

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  • Breathable and comfortable
  • KF94 (Korea FDA certified)
  • BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) 99.9% tested by KOTITI, Korea
  • Four layers protection with KF94 standard
  • Individual packaging
  • Mask for adults [ L size]
  • White colour
  • 100% Made in Korea

Why should you choose BLUNA masks?

Mask that adapts to the wearers' face

  • FACE-FIT* design with adjustable string adapts the face of wearers. Suitable for men and women.

BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) 99.9%

  • The mask filtration performance is BFE 99.9 %. Protects from bacteria with its excellent defence performance.

KF94 Certified by Korea FDA

  • KF stands for "Korean filter." And 94 refers to its filtration efficiency (how good the mask is at filtering out particles), which is 94%.

Hygienic and worry-free production

  • Fully automated end to end manufacturing process ensures highest level of hygiene and free of contamination. Moreover, masks are packed individually.

Certified in accredited laboratories

  • Tested and achieved high standard and quality by accredited Korea government AirClean laboratory.

No fogging and slipping during wear

  • Special design and material to prevent fogging and slipping.

Breathable 3D hard shell filter

  • Renowned DuPont filter with three-dimensional structure allows easy breathing and comfortable wearing.

No skin irritation for prolonged wearing

  • Obtained "Excellent" rating for dermatological test in Germany for skin irritation. Safe yet comfortable even if it is worn for prolonged hours.

Trusted brand and made in Korea

Be safe and protect your loved ones from PM2.5, Haze, Dusts and Virus.

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