BLUNA Organic Gift Set
BLUNA Organic Gift Set
BLUNA Organic Gift Set

BLUNA Organic Gift Set

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Organic Gift Set of precious little ones !!

What is in the box..

# Bluna Organic Premium Smoothing Embossing 72sheets x 4packs

# Bluna Organic Premium Smoothing Emboss Slim Type 30 sheets x 2packs

# Bluna Organic Premium portable 20sheets x 4 packs


Safe Baby Wipes Certified by Five Countries

"You can use them without any worries about irritation, toxicity and allergy."

Why Natural Organic Baby wipes?

♥ It is certified product that passed a strict clinical test for the first time in Korea and also an atopic and allergy hazardous substance standard test.

♥ It is a non-toxic baby wipes registered as medical supplies when its safety was certified by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA).

♥ It is a product certified as non-irritating baby wipes after passing a strict clinical skin test at a prestigious clinical test agency.

♥ Newborn babies can also use it because it was certified as baby wipes for infants and toddlers after passing a rigorous testing on safety.

♥ Don't have to worry about harmful bacteria and molds as it uses 99.9% antibacterial certified safe packages that attained antibacterial S mark for the first time in Korea.

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