Healthy Food Choices

It's important for children to adopt a healthy lifestyle starting at a young age. Proper nutrition in childhood can reinforce lifelong eating habits that contribute to your children's overall well-being and help them to grow up to their full potential and a healthy life.Parents play an essential role in helping shape children's eating habits.Try these simple tips to help your children eat well and learn to enjoy nutritious foods.

Focus on eating nutrient-rich foods instead of what not to eat.

Teach children to spot:

  • Brightly colored fruits and 100% fruit juice
  • Vibrantly colored vegetables
  • Whole, fortified and fiber-rich grain foods
  • Low fat and fat-free milk, cheese and yogurt
  • Lean meats, skinless poultry, fish, eggs, beans and nuts.

These nutrient-rich foods and beverages provide high amounts of beneficial nutrients compared to the calories they provide. For example, a nutritious snack of a smoothie made with berries and low-fat yogurt has more fat and calories than a diet soda and baked chips; however, it is far better for kids because it has many beneficial nutrients they need for growth and health. 

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